Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a role-playing game where you’ll meet interesting people living in Aionios. As this is an RPG, most of them will give you quests. And what is the most popular quest type in these games? Fetch quests, of course! So buckle up and prepare for these valuable but not that exciting assignments. These quests will be given to you in the form of Collectopaedia cards.

What are Collectopaedia Cards in XC3?

Collectopaedia Cards are fetch quests that are neatly sorted in the Quest menu. Here you have all the quests organized by the type of demands that NPCs give you. This is an excellent system for sorting these types of missions as you’ll quickly forget who wanted what and where to return for a reward. This way, you must complete the quest and register (complete) the Collectopaedia Card.

How to complete Collectopaedia Cards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To complete Collectopaedia Cards in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you first need to talk to NPCs like in any role-playing adventure game. After you get the quest, you can check your progress in the Quest menu. The good thing is these quests are not that complex, as most of them can be completed in the same area where you met NPC.

If you have a problem finding everything you need, you can use Nopon Coins to complete the card. You can do these missions repeatedly, which is excellent when you need some experience and other valuables. But remember that you’ll get fewer rewards every time you repeat a quest. By regularly completing Collectopaedia Cards in XC3, you’ll receive nice prizes such as:


  • Represents your reputation in colonies. Each time you do something for them, you raise your Affinity level for that colony.


  • There is always a chance that you’ll get some nice piece of armor or weapon.


  • What is an RPG without experience? This is essential for leveling your heroes.


  • You get some gold for your troubles, just like a tip!

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