Mario Strikers: Battle League is the newest title in the Mario Strikers series, releasing on the Nintendo Switch. It brings back many fond mechanics but also adds an array of new features. This includes Strikers Club, which may leave you wondering how Clubs work in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Clubs, explained

Strikers Club is an online-only mode in Mario Strikers: Battle Leauge. You can either create or join a Club, which can consist of 20 players. Regardless of whether you are the Club leader or not, you will compete against other online Clubs for rankings and promotions.

Club Seasons

There will be numerous seasons in Mario Strikers: Battle League. As you play matches and win, you can earn points to increase your Club’s rank. You can play online matches by yourself or co-op with other players in your Club.

How your Club places in a season determines what division placement it receives in the following season. Your Club’s ranking will shift up or down at the end of each season depending on how you fared that season.

Club Customization

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The Club owner has free reign to customize and manage the Club’s settings. This includes:

  • Name
  • Uniform
  • Stadium
  • Region
  • Club Policy
  • Conditions to Join

When customizing the Club’s uniform, owners can change the color, pattern, and logo to create a unique look. When deciding on a stadium, the choices include theme, fence post, goal-line decoration, goals, and field. Your Club’s stadium will smash against the opposing Club’s stadium, creating a split pitch.

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