Apex Shadow Pokemon are stronger versions of Shadow Pokemon with unique and very powerful special moves. Like other Shadow Pokemon, Apex Shadow versions must be purified to increase their strength after being caught. Once Apex Shadow Pokemon are purified, they learn an even stronger version of their special attack.

Apex Shadow Pokemon are first introduced to Pokemon Go in the Johto Tour event as encounters for completing the Masterwork Research questline. The first Apex Shadow Pokemon in the game are Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Ho-Oh. These Pokemon appear with an intense purple aura and red eyes in their Apex Shadow form.

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Once an Apex Shadow Pokemon is captured, players will have the option to “Purify” the Pokemon. Purifying costs Stardust and Candy, but will make the Pokemon much more powerful. Normal Shadow Pokemon develop a weaker charged attack, but Apex Shadow Pokemon get a huge upgrade to their charged attack when purified.

Screenshot via Niantic

For example, Apex Shadow Lugia knows the Signature Attack Aeroblast+, but when purified, changes to Aeroblast++. These Signature attacks get a substantial boost when the Pokemon is purified so it is a good idea to try to purify them as soon as they are caught. The Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh are only available after completing the Johto Tour, which kicks off on Feb. 26.

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