Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic zombie game Dying Light. It releases on Feb. 4, 2022, and players will once again find themselves facing threats from both humans and the infected. But some players may be wondering how the virus spread in Dying Light 2 and the prequel.

The Harran Virus is Dying Light 2 spreads as a strain of rabies and is passed by transmitting an infected’s bodily fluids into a non-infected individual’s bloodstream. Typically this is through a bite. Once infected, a person will go through a four-stage process before eventually turning.

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The initial spread of the virus is theorized to have started from an alien-introduced epidemic or through military action. Both theories are frightening in their own rights, but the virus quickly overtook the world and infected nearly all the world’s population.

In Dying Light 2, players will have to deal with the infected in The City as well as other survivors. Do you have what it takes to stay human and avoid becoming infected by the virus?

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