Zenith: The Last City is Ramen VR’s VR MMORPG and releases on Jan. 27 for Steam VR, Oculus, and PlayStation VR. Players will be able to explore the beautiful world, climbing nearly any surface and gliding from great heights. This may leave players wondering how big the world is.

The world of Zenith: The Last City features five distinct regions. According to a Steam Discussion post and Reddit, the world will be 49 Km big. To put this into perspective, Skyrim had a world map of 37 Km, and GTA V’s landmass was 49 Km. So this is an expansive area to explore in VR and should give players plenty to see and discover!

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The five different regions in Zenith: The Last City will offer unique visuals and encounters. Players can head out from Zenith and explore them all if they are strong enough, that is. Here are the five different regions in Zenith: The Last City.

  • Zenith
  • Fractured Plains
  • Radiant Coast
  • Emerald Desert
  • Amarite Forest

The developers have not stated whether they plan to add more regions to Zenith: The Last City and expand its world. The world is already massive for a VR title, but more areas to explore and sightsee are always welcome!

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