If you are wondering how big the map is in Dying Light 2, it’s roughly over six square km, as revealed by developers. Dying Light 2’s map size was also confirmed numerous times and in a Dying Light 2 Ask Me Anything Q&A.

In this Q&A, Tymon Smektata, the lead game designer, answered various questions regarding Dying Light 2. One of these questions was regarding the map size. In short, Mr. Smekata has stated that the map size is nearly double that of the previous game and is roughly over six square km and almost 7 square km.

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However, Mr. Semkata also noted that the statement is a simple answer and doesn’t reflect how genuinely massive the map is or its verticality.

Verticality-wise, players can climb most of these buildings, and the buildings will be diverse and have multiple floors to explore.

Some buildings can even range from massive skyscrapers to bridges or simple apartment buildings, giving life to a city overrun by infected.

Players can climb and explore all of these locations, and each may hold secrets and encounters to find. So with all of this information considered, Dying Light 2’s world and map seem far more extensive and vast than a simple six square km map.

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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