Biomutant is one of the latest popular single-player games many people are excited to play and it follows similar a similar pattern to most single-player games. Instead of heavy interaction with other real-life people; you focus more on a story-rich world packed with quests, content, and adventure. Naturally, many players are wondering exactly how much there is to explore. Here is what we know about the Biomutant world.

The Map

The size of the map will be 64 square kilometers (8km * 8km) For comparison, the map in Grand Theft Auto V is just over 75 square kilometers. The two-dimensional size of the map alone means this game will be packed with adventurous content, but it also will have climbing as a game mechanic, which adds a significant amount of space to world.

The NPCs

The story of the game revolves around the Tree of Life, which is a massive tree in the center of the map with roots that spread throughout the entire area. There are also NPCs spread throughout the entire map, most of which belong to one of six tribes. Each of these tribes has their own agenda concerning the Tree of Life.

As you play the game, your decisions will alter the story and your reputation among the tribes. Progression through the game and the world means you’ll have to make decisions that benefit some NPCs and go against the wishes of others. In some areas, if you have a bad enough reputation, you may find that the NPCs are hostile or dismissive.

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The Enemies

Similar to NPCs, there are enemies spread throughout the entire world. These enemies range in size from small, hostile characters to massive, story-altering bosses. There is no battle sequence; the entire world has potential to hurt you simply by walking through it.


There are multiple forms of currency in Biomutant. The physical is how you purchase services, weapons, and sometimes, rapport. However, there is another form of currency called Karma that will heavily influence your relationships with the tribes. Unfortunately, not a lot of information has been released about how Karma influences the game, but we suspect it will unlock levels of friendship and provide discounts with specific tribes.

That’s what we know so far about what you can expect from the Biomutant world! We will update this guide as we get closer to the release date, so be sure to check back regularly!

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