Bungie announced several changes that are coming to Destiny 2 in Season 17. Everything from tweaks to just about every popular weapon to some more broad changes to the gameplay. The biggest change seems to be aimed at aerial combat, and many movement-based Exotic armor pieces gained a buff because of this. That is, except for the St0mp-EE5 (better known as Stompees) Leg Armor, it received a nerf.

When are Stompees getting nerfed?

In the most recent This Week at Bungie blog post, Bungie gave a myriad of adjustments and changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox. One of the most notable changes was the overhaul of aerial combat mechanics. This change applies an Aerial Accuracy stat to most exotic armor pieces and all weapons. It seems that all armor that revolved around being airborne has received a bonus to its Aerial Accuracy stat, except for St0mp-EE5, They actually received an Aerial Accuracy penalty.

St0mp-EE5 will feature an Aerial Accuracy penalty of 50 with the launch of Season 17. This is likely due to their popularity and their extremely powerful potential. In a way, it makes sense that your aerial aim would be less accurate as the St0mp-EE5 Leg Armor basically launches you into the air. Regardless, Bungie has stated that they will be monitoring the changes closely and will be adjusting where needed.

It is unfortunate news for Hunters as Stompees were present in multiple builds, however, we think it will help bring the Leg Armor more in line with the rest of the movement-based exotics. Fans of the current Stompees will just have to hope that the harsh Aerial Accuracy penalty won’t stick around for too long.

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