Hot Wheels Unleashed was recently released and has had a positive reception. Developer Milestone has reassured fans that the arcade racer would receive new content as well as updates throughout its lifespan. With that being said, fans already have the first update on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The patch will soon be live for Nintendo Switch according to Milestone’s site.

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This patch isn’t a major one—mostly adding filers, shortcuts, quality of life improvements, and more. While this update may be on a smaller scale, it is a good first step that shows Milestone will give Hot Wheels Unleashed continued support. You can see everything added in the 1.03 patch below.

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  • Added some filters to the Community Tracks and Liveries.
  • Added shortcuts to the Store and Collection in the “Hot Wheels City Rumble” menu.
  • Improved UI for the “Add-ons” page.
  • Added new functionalities to the news box in the main menu.
  • Added support for the “Racing Season”.
  • Fixed some bugs to improve stability.
  • Minor fixes to the UI.

Hot Wheels Unleashed players can look to further updates and more content as the Volume One Pass is available now. These minor fixes are certainly a step in the direction to make Hot Wheels Unleashed a better game and please fans.

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