Horizon Forbidden West was released on Feb. 18, 2022, and some of the players who pre-ordered the game are experiencing an error code that stops them from redeeming rewards. Players are looking to fix the Horizon Forbidden West code not working, and we recommend the following steps to counter this issue. 

To fix the Horizon Forbidden West code not working issue, simply play through the prologue. If you do not get to redeem the cosmetic items after the prologue, then try it again, but at a different time. It is plausible that some of these codes aren’t active yet as the game released today itself. Players can also try to restart their PS4/PS5 if the rewards do not show up after the prologue mission.

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Players can expect that some of the Horizon Forbidden West codes are scheduled to unlock at a specific time based on the region. Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s and Regalla Edition owners reported how they cannot access the special rewards from the player stash. 

According to player reports, codes for the Nora Thunder Elite outfit, Carja Behemoth Elite outfit and the Nora Elite outfit are currently not working. We recommend contacting PlayStation Support in case the code not working issue persists.  

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