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When is Hood: Outlaws & Legends Releasing? 

Hoods Outlaws and Legends will release on May 10th for PlayStation and, Xbox, and PC. The game will also be playable early on the 7th for those who preordered the game. 

Does Hood: Outlaws and Legends have Crossplay?

Hood Outlaws and Legends will support feature matchmaking crossplay upon launch, where the game will match players from various platforms to allow for quick load times. 

You will also be able to opt out of crossplay via an option in the game menu. However, there won’t be a way to invite players between platforms, as the developers didn’t want to impose an account creation on players. 

How much does Hood: Outlaws & Legends cost?

The base game at the time of writing costs $29.99, and the Year One edition, which includes the season pass costs $49.99.

What is Hood: Outlaws & Legends?

Hoods Outlaws and Legends is a PvEvP focused game where players team up together against other players in squads of four hero shooter-like characters to steal loot from AI enemies.  

Outlaws & Legends Gameplay & Features – How does it play? 

In the game, you and your team of outlaws are tasked with infiltrating a map with the goal of stealing loot from AI guards. You will also need to utilize stealth and the skills of the various characters to get past various obstacles in the game, all while another team of four players is trying to do the same. 

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The game also features over four different characters, all of which we went over in the piece linked above. But in short, the characters in the game are as follows.

  • Ranger – The Ranger is a long-range focused character that can lay down powerful attacks with a bow. 
  • Brawler – The Brawler is your typical tank who is meant to fight up close and take the brunt of attacks from enemies
  • Mystic – Where there is a tank, there is a healer, and the Mystic performs the latter and can heal fellow players.
  • Hunter – The Hunter is more or less a rouge/assassin type character who specializes in stealth tactics. 

All of the characters listed above also have unique skills and quirks that will help you in your mission of completing the various heists in the game before the rival players. You will also be able to use any loot you get after a heist to upgrade your hideout and buy gear, perks, and level up your characters. 

How big is the download for the game?

As the developers stated in a FAQ Reddit post, the game will have the following download sizes between platforms – the developers have also left a note that these sizes are subject to change and not exact.

  • PC: 20GB
  • PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5: 15GB
  • Xbox One: 15GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 30GB

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