Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an online heist game where two teams of four compete for the same treasure. Each team must infiltrate an area using stealth and other tactics while avoiding the other team and additional enemy AI. Meanwhile, the treasure is guarded by the Sheriff—who can instant kill anyone—and a squad of elite knights. If at any point you are detected, the rival team learns your exact location. Who will steal the treasure first?

Teamwork is required to infiltrate each map. Every teammate is assigned a role, and each player must adhere to that playstyle. If all goes as planned, you’ll pull off some nail-biting heists. But first: which character and class will you choose?

The Brawler

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This character is your effective tank, built to withstand blows and hold out positions. The Brawler boasts a giant hammer as its main weapon and an additional grenade, which is capable of killing multiple targets within the blast radius.

Weapon: HammerDeliver wide ranging sweep attacks, or a devastating overhead smash.
Trait: ResoluteRaise the portcullis gate, allowing your teammates to pass through during lockdowns.
Ability: WrathThis ability enhances your offense and defense stats.
Gear: ExplosiveA grenade that kills all opponents within the blast radius.
PerksThe Brawler can complete objectives faster, increase his speed, and provide damage boosts after a long streak of kills. Moreover, you can increase the Brawler’s ability gain the more damage he takes.

The Hunter

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The Hunter is a useful rogue, relying on the shadows and defense. Equipped with a crossbow, this class is useful for quick enemy takedowns and is the fastest class for assassinations. She can also turn invisible against enemy AI and shroud herself in darkness using a smoke bomb.

Weapon: CrossbowPress once to fire a single bolt or hold down to charge a multi-shot.
Trait: ShadowAssassinate State Guards from any direction while concealed.
Ability: ShroudBecome invisible to enemy AI and hard to see against rival players.
Gear: SmokeObscure enemy vision with a grenade that shrouds the area in darkness.
PerksThe crossbow is customizable for improved stability, fire rate, and increased ammo capacity. Can reset invisibility after every assassination for a deadly killstreak.

The Mystic

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The Mystic is your respective healer class, vampiric in nature due to his life-leeching capabilities. Also equipped with a grenade, this character can poison enemies to drain stamina and impair vision—a perfect opportunity to move in for stealth assassinations. The Mystic is also useful to unlock doors silently.

Weapon: FlailThis weapon can stun enemies and create openings for your teammates. It can also be swung to create space between you and the rival team.
Trait: RespireStamina regenerates faster.
Ability: InstinctHighlight hidden enemies and heal teammates within range.
Gear: PoisonLong lasting grenade that drains enemy stamina and affects enemy vision.
PerksCan leach health from opponents. If already at full health, can be used to increase attack damage.

The Ranger

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Using a longbow, the Ranger acts as the sniper and infiltrator of your team. This character is equipped with fire explosive arrows and flashbangs to daze your opponents. Despite the long-ranged weapon, the Ranger is also useful as a melee class build.

Weapon: LongbowCharge arrows for increased power/longer range or quickfire each shot
Trait: ScoutTag targets to survey the area.
Ability: FarsightThis move draws an ethereal arrow that explodes on impact.
Gear: FlashBlind targets for a short period of time.
PerksArrows can be used as melee weapons. For sniping, you can improve perks to charge arrows for stronger impact.

Which character class will you choose in Hood: Outlaws & Legends? For more guides on this game, be sure to check back with Pro Game Guides.

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