Hitman 3’s End of An Era mission features a code for a door that is easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.

The door code is 2552.

In End of An Era, Agent 47 needs to sneak into a lab with experiments on people. While playing through, you’ll eventually reach Hush’s Lab as you progress through the mission. A white lab coat will be essential since there will be plenty of scientists around.

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There will be a whiteboard with codes on the right side of the lab. There will be three codes: 3678 (crossed out), 6752 (crossed out), and 2552 (with a number scribbled before 2).

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The game developers don’t want you to miss it either. To see the code again, players can move slightly to the left of the door that needs the code. The window nearby will show players the whiteboard with the codes again.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

As you can see, the code works fine, and you can continue your crusade to kill Hush.

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