Rumors among the Roblox gaming community suggest that there is a game you can join that gets your account banned. Naturally, many of us are intrigued to know if this is real or if this is just an interesting new way of creating hype for a Roblox experience. You should be aware that the rumors surround this game are true. If you join this game, it can get your account banned.

The original game that created this havoc has been removed from the website, but that doesn’t mean players are completely protected.

Why is the Crosswoods Roblox game getting players banned?

While no one can explain why a developer would do something so nefarious (especially towards a community comprising mostly children), there must be a reason why it works. The answer is highly technical, but here is the most straightforward explanation: the coding in Crosswoods game exploits the account of anyone that joins to make it look like they said things in the chat that are against Roblox’s terms of service.

There are many services that games use to ban players that violate the rules. The vast majority of these services are programs, since they are the most cost-effective way of banning cheaters and toxic players. When a player joins the game Crosswoods, the code in the game tricks these programs into thinking the player said things in the chat that are disturbing, offensive, or violate Roblox’s terms of service.

When this happens enough, the programs flag the player’s account as being used for spam or being harmful to other players in some way. The ‘ban’ program can’t determine if the player is actually violating the rules—it just sees that the account is violating them. So, the automatic process bans the account.

This is not the first exploit that developers have used to hurt the Roblox community, and likely won’t be the last. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid falling victim to it: just don’t join the game or any of the copies! Be diligent and mindful of the games you join, and only play games you know!

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