Hogwarts Legacy is part of the Harry Potter universe, created by JK Rowling. Although JK Rowling wrote the books and had a major role in making the movies, that doesn’t mean she is a part of every single project.

JK Rowling is not helping in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, but she is still going to earn royalties from it. Rowling owns the IP to the Harry Potter universe, so any game, movie, or book based on the universe will be profitable for her. The fact that she is receiving royalties on Hogwarts Legacy does not mean that her alleged viewpoints are enforced.

Hogwarts Legacy’s developer Avalanche Software is making it very inclusive despite accusations that JK Rowling is anti-trans. The game allows players to create transgender characters. They are using the Harry Potter world, but it does not discriminate or make anyone feel inferior.

Although JK Rowling will profit from the universe she created, Avalanche Software is extremely forward-looking, so you’re still supporting progress if you buy the game.

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