There are two types of mousepads when it comes to gaming: hard surface and soft surface. You might be asking which is better for you but this answer depends on what kind of game you are playing. This is because each surface affects how your mouse moves.

Before you decide which mousepad is better, you will first need to know the differences between the two types of surfaces. Each surface has its pros and cons so you will have to weigh them to see which is best for you.

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Hard mousepads typically are made out of smooth plastic or even metal. This creates a smooth surface that the mouse can glide across with minimal resistance which allows your PC to track its movements easily. With this type of surface, you can move your mouse with little pressure. Another great feature of hard surface mousepads is how easy they are to clean. They tend to not absorb liquids which means you can simply wipe them off. There are two downsides to these kinds of mousepads. One is that they can be cold depending on what the surface is made of which can be uncomfortable. Secondly, they don’t travel as well because it can be hard to roll them up.

Soft mousepads typically are made out of cloth or fabric. This provides more friction which gives your mouse movements more resistance. This allows you greater control over your movements and lets you stop with pinpoint accuracy. Because of the material they are made from, soft mousepads tend to be more comfortable and warmer. Traveling with these mousepads is easy as they can simply be rolled up and tucked into your bag. Like hard surface mousepads, soft surface mousepads have their flaws too. They are harder to clean as the cloth and fabric absorb dirt and liquids easier. Because of their natural resistance, making large quick motions is harder.

The question remains, which mousepad is better? It will depend on what games you playing. Hard surface mousepads are better for games that require fast movements such as FPS games. Soft surface mousepads are better suited for games that require precise movements such as strategy games. Regardless of what you are playing, either surface of mousepad is more than adequate, but if you are looking to play competitively you should consider carefully which mouse pad is best for you.

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