Halo Infinite is 343 Industries’ latest game and the latest entry in the Halo series. With both the multiplayer and campaign officially out, fans are enjoying what the game has to offer but some may be wondering what is to come.

343 Industries has given some information about the future of Halo Infinite. Foremost is the fact that Halo Infinite will be a live service game. This means constant updates throughout the game’s lifespan. Fans may be wondering what this means.

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Is there a Halo Infinite Roadmap

There is no official roadmap for Halo Infinite. That being said, 343 Industries have laid out some plans for the future. The most basic form of this is Halo Infinite’s seasons. The game has launched in season 1 which will run until May of 2022. During this time, fans can participate in limited-timed events such as the Fractures: Tenrai event.

The next upcoming event for Halo Infinite will be the Winter Contingency Christmas event according to leaks. This will run from Dec. 21, 2021, until Jan. 3, 2022. During this time players can unlock cosmetic items which will likely have a wintry theme to them.

Season 2 should launch in May of 2022 or possibly June. With it will come some new features such as a co-op campaign and the ability to restart missions. Both features are highly requested and did not make it into the game at launch.

Another feature missing at launch is the famous Forge mode that has become a staple in previous Halo games since its inclusion in Halo 3. This game mode allows players to create their own maps and game types. Currently, Forge mode is planned to be added in season 3 of Halo Infinite.

We’ll keep you up to date with 343 Industries’ plans for Halo Infinite as well as if any official roadmap is published. In the meantime, suit up and enjoy the latest entry in the Halo series!

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