Apex Legends Arenas mode has been a part of the game for three seasons now, and with the Dark Depths thematic event, players get the fifth original Arenas map. Habitat 4, or just Habitat, is a Leviathan breeding ground that used to be occupied by the IMC, but had since been abandoned. The wildlife is still well and present, though. Of the Arenas maps, Habitat is the one that is the most organic in nature, rather than man-made. There are two major Points of Interest (POIs), both with unique qualities.

Habitat Points of Interest

Habitat is home to two major POIs: The Nest and The Cave. They live on opposite sides from each other, as customary with Arenas maps, and each have high ground over the center.

The Nest

The Nest
Screenshot via Respawn

The Nest is a POI that best suits Mid-Range to Long-Range play. It is open to the elements and has two unique structure types within it.

Leviathan Eggs

The Nest is full of Leviathan Eggs, which unlike in Spider Nests, cannot be broken. Instead, these indestructible eggs make great cover in a firefight, and if used in partnered with a rocky terrain, can allow players to flank.


There are also Ziplines on the map, that allow players to zip into The Nest POI with ease.

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The Cave

The Cave
Image via Respawn

The Cave is a POI that offers an enclosed space suitable for Close-Range to Mid-Range combat. But the high ground element, still gives players a leg up.

The Waterslide

The Waterfall in Habitat has corroded the land, creating a waterslide that makes for interesting movement and easy sliding. Slide down from The Cave for an escape or a fast attack.


Flyers are also present at this POI, the only non-leviathan Wildlife on the map. However, they do not have any rewards for players in Arenas.

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