In Fortnite, players enjoy various games with different rules in Creative Mode. Creative maps are designed for players to enjoy besides the regular battle royale grind. Players can earn a ton of XP from playing the unique Creative maps available in the game. 

One of the most interesting Creative experiences in Fortnite includes the Guess The Song map. On this map, you will have to listen to a tune and guess the correct name of the song. Guessing the songs correctly will increase your score, and the player with the highest score wins. You will need the Guess The Song map Code to get into this Creative Map. 

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All Guess The Song Fortnite Map Codes List

Here’s a look at all the Guess The Song Fortnite Map codes.

  • Guess The Song | Team Rhythm—3337-6317-0071
  • Hits of the 1990s-2000s—0720-6772-9721
  • Guess The Song #1(25 Pop Songs)—1573-0056-5885
  • Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm—3211-6945-3270
  • Guess The Song #2 (20 Pop Songs)—1861-6535-6769
  • Guess The Song #2 (20 Song)—0400-4694-3989
  • Guess The Song 3 | Team Rhythm—1098-1916-7492
  • Guess The Song (20 Songs)—0664-9080-4931
  • Music Block Island #23—1612-6430-6799
  • Guess The Song (34 Songs) – Music Blocks—4123-0100-6140

Guess The Song | Team Rhythm

Guess The Song | Team Rhythm: 3337-6317-0071

This map features several popular tunes players need to recognize and answer correctly to get to the next stage. This map has four different areas, with over 20 songs for players to identify. Guessing the wrong song will instantly result in elimination. You need to hear the tune properly before selecting one of the three song options. Players can queue into this Creative Map with their friends,

Hits of the 1990s-2000s

The Hits of The 1990s-2000s is one of the Guess The Song Creative Maps in Fortnite, and it features iconic songs from the ’90s era. Created by itsgloxinia, this minigame music quiz map features tunes from iconic tracks. You will need to identify the song quickly and walk into the door with the correct option to progress in the game.

Guess The Song #1(25 Pop Songs)

This Creative Island is one of the best Guess The Song maps in Fortnite, featuring over 25 hit pop songs that everyone has heard. This map queues up to 16 players, and you can join with friends to test your musical knowledge. The rules are simple: identify the popular tune and walk into the correct option. You will get eliminated for selecting the wrong song, but the respawn features give players multiple chances to guess the correct song.

Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm

Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm: 3211-6945-3270

In the Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm Creative Island, you must guess the tunes correctly to progress on the map and collect coins. Guessing the song incorrectly will get you eliminated. Each level has a different genre category, making it easier for players to identify the tunes. After guessing the correct answer and moving through the option doors, players will be rewarded with coins. A player with the maximum number of coins will win the game.

Guess The Song #2 (20 Pop Songs)

On this Creative Island, players will hear some of the most iconic pop songs of all time. You will need to identify the tune and walk in through the correct option to progress ahead. Players will be eliminated for guessing wrong. Start again, pay attention to the tune, and guess the song correctly to go to the next level. This minigame music quiz map has a 16-player maximum count, and players with maximum correct guesses win the game.

Guess The Song #2 (20 Song)

This Creative Island features over 20 songs from various genres, and players must identify them correctly. It has a maximum 16-player limit and follows similar rules to other Guess The Song maps in Fortnite. Pass through the Rifts and select the correct option to progress ahead in the game. Players don’t get eliminated, instead, a laughing sound plays every time you guess the wrong song. You get the chance to select the correct option immediately, making it easier to go ahead on this map.

Guess The Song 3 | Team Rhythm

Guess The Song 3 | Team Rhythm: 1098-1916-7492

Created by dehalfwit, this Guess The Song map features various popular tunes. Every tune will be different from the last one, and you need to pay attention and identify them correctly to progress. Players can choose various genres, including rap, pop, ’90s hits, and more. Collect coins by guessing the correct songs to go ahead with more genres. Only eight players can queue on this map at once, and you get to compete against each other by guessing the correct songs.

Guess The Song (20 Songs)

Created by itsgloxinia, this Guess The Song map has over 20 unique songs that players can identify. This minigame music quiz Creative Island has a 16-player maximum limit. Join up with your friends and guess the correct songs to progress. You will need to walk through the correct song choice door for every right answer.

Music Block Island #23

Music Block Island is another popular Creative Island designed by ZeroK. Players can queue on this map with friends, and it has a 16-player limit. You will hear a range of popular tunes on this Creative map. The songs are revealed at the start, and you need to walk in a straight line to hear the tunes on this map.

Guess The Song (34 Songs) – Music Blocks

Guess The Song (34 Songs) – Music Blocks—4123-0100-6140

This map is created by ZeroK, and it can queue up to 16 players. In this Guess The Song Map, you hear a range of popular tunes. Identify these tunes and run through the door with the correct song option. Selecting the wrong song will immediately eliminate players, and you will have to replay the song to get another chance.

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