Our GTA RP NoPixel Characters List features a number of the main role players from the server. We’re taking a look at the big gangs on the server, and looking at some of the more interesting characters that have started to make a name for themselves in Los Santos.


Probably the most infamous gang right now is the LeanBois. They’re known for having big plans, lofty goals, leaning at a moments notice, and getting into maximum hi-jinks. The gang is probably most well-known for having their plans often backfire horribly.

The whole “lean” thing is an emote you can do in-game where the character leans, even when not up against a wall.

Avon Barksdale (Lirik)

The de facto ringleader of the LeanBois, Avon is an overweight man who has diabetes, high blood pressure, and low blood sugar. The name “Avon Barksdale” is from the television show, The Wire. Avon in the show is the head of one of the most powerful gangs in Baltimore.

Lang Buddha (Buddha)

Mostly known as Buddha, he is known for his quick talking and liberal usage of obscenities in general conversation.

Al Saab (Ssaab)

One of the more chill members of the LeanBois, Saab plays kind of a smooth gangster type.

Sven Snusberg (Forsen)

Sven may or may not be a full-fledged member of the LeanBois, but he pals around with him quite frequently. Sven is from Sweden and has been dabbling in criminal enterprises since his arrival. Forsen is famous for his SNUS which are a nicotine product that can be placed under your lip.

Tony Corleone (AnthonyZ)

The Corleone name is from the infamous crime family from The Godfather books and movies series. Tony Corleone is the son of Michael Corleone, who is the crime boss of the family.

Prune Gang

Now, just because most of the Prune Gang is old, it doesn’t mean they don’t go hard. You tangle with one member, you’ll have a geriatric crew coming at you strong.

Dale Morris (TimTheTatman)

Dale Morris is from Alabama and is a red-blooded American who drinks beer and drives a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. He is Assistant to the Regional Manager at the Cluckin’ Bell which is a reference to The Office. He’s married with one child, and he can get you a job at the Cluckin’ Bell if you’re nice to him. Dale has recently joined the ranks of the Prune Gang.

Eugene (Vader)

Largely viewed as the leader of the Prune Gang, he’s a bit of a forgetful old man who will regale you with stories that may or may not be true.

Gladys Berry (Mick)

A sassy gal who is quick to take a baseball bat out and start swinging!

Melbert Rickenbacker (Spaceboy)

Melbert is an old feller who wears a signature green polo and tan old man shorts.

Yung Dab (MoonMoon)

One of the newer additions to the gang is Yung Dab. While not fitting the traditional role of being prune-y, he brings a bit of youth to the posse. Yung Dab is also one of the most prolific rappers in Los Santos, you can find his hard hitting raps on his SoundCloud. He’s also in a life or death battle with Lil Erf.

Affiliated Members of Prune Gang

Kevin Whipaloo (Sodapoppin)

Soda plays kind of an awkward mid-twenties character who is one of the few people trying to stay out of crime.

Celine LaCroix (Pokimane)

Celine is a relatively recent arrival from France to the city. She has been integrating into the scene, and has been hanging out with the Prune Gang.

Chang Gang

Drug Kingpins

Eastside Ballas (Gang)


Grove St. Families Gang



Vagos (Disbanded?)


Lil Erf (AndyMilonakis)

Lil Erf is trying to make it as a rapper, he resorts to a life of crime in an attempt to fund his rap career. He really hates Yung Dab. You can check out some of his tracks on his SoundCloud.

More Characters

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