We’re taking a look at all of the weekly bonus stuff that’s being added to GTA Online for July 2nd, 2020! This includes new a Sovereign podium vehicle, returning Independence day items, double money for Bunker Series, new discounted items, and a couple of time trials to complete! There’s a whole lot of stuff which we have listed below.

July 2nd Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

Looks like this weekly bonuses are going to be mostly centered around Independence Day and include the return of some July 4th vehicles, modifications, clothes, masks and weapons. So, if you want to show off some patriotism, then you’ll have plenty of options available.

Credit to Call_Me_Tsuikyit on Reddit for compiling this great list!

New Content Additions (Podium Vehicle)

  • Podium Vehicle: Sovereign
  • Event Cargo

Returning Content: Independence Day Items!

  • Independence Day Vehicles
  • Independence Day Vehicle Modifications
  • Independence Day Clothing
  • Independence Day Masks
  • Independence Day Weapons

Double GTA$ and RP Activities

  • Bunker Series
  • Missile Base Series
  • Associate pay


  • Deveste Eight ($897,500)
  • ETR1 ($997,500)
  • Avenger
  • Avenger Renovations
  • Oppressor MKII ($1,462,500)
  • Thruster ($1,375,000)
  • RM-10 Bombushka ($2,225,000)
  • V-65 Molotok ($1,800,000)
  • Tula ($1,945,000)
  • APC ($1,162,500/$1,546,125)
  • Liberator ($371,007)
  • Gauntlet Hellfire ($372,500)
  • Sovereign ($60,000)
  • Elsa Liveries (80% Discount)
  • Hangars (70% Discount)
  • Hangers (70% Discount)
  • Arcades (50% Discount)
  • Facilities (70% Discount)
  • Bunkers (70% Discount)
  • Luxor Deluxe ($5,000,000)
  • Swift Deluxe ($2,575,000)
  • Swift ($750,000/$800,000)
  • Luxor ($812,500)
  • Yachts (50% Discount)

Time Trial

  • Down Chilliad (Par Time: 00:54.20)

Here’s a video showing off how you can complete the Down Chiliad Time Trial. You’ll be jumping on a dirt bike and heading down a pretty rock mountain, so be careful or you will find yourself flying down the side!

RC Bandito Time Trial

  • Vespucci Beach (Par Time: 02:05.00)

You’ll need to head to Vespucci Beach and take your RC car for a spin around many twists and turns throughout the area to complete this one. If you can complete it in under two minutes and five seconds, then you’ll complete the challenge! Here’s a video showing off what’s required of you and how to do it:

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