Grounded has gotten quite popular since its release, which has some players wondering what is going to be coming up next in the game. Well, we don’t know for sure just yet, but we do know that there’s an updated scheduled for August 27th, 2020. It sounds like we will be getting monthly updates, so there should be a lot to look forward to in the game!

There’s been some digging into the files, and players have found some models in the game that are pretty far along. These point to at least a couple of different new bugs, plus one big creature you will be lurking in the water! You can use commands on your own by checking out our Grounded Cheats page. Keep in mind that all of this is based off found files that are clearly works in progress. All of this could change and not even be part of the next update.

This post covers the next content update, if you’re curious about the recent patch check out the Grounded 0.1.1 Patch Notes.


A mosquito can be spawned in the game right now. It doesn’t do much, it will sit in one spot and has some idle animations. If you hit it with a weapon it will fly up into the air, but it doesn’t look like it has been fully animated.

If you kill a mosquito, they will drop Mosquito Blood Sacks and Mosquito Needles. These are currently used for crafting a Firefly Lantern (which means there will be fireflies), and a Tier 3 sword weapon that you make with the beak, spider silk, and blood sack!

Honey Bees

Bees can also be spawned in the game right now, and they seem to be a bit further along than the mosquitoes. If you create one in game, it will immediately seek out flowers and start doing their pollination thing. There’s already some Rotten Bee Armor you can find in the game right now in the anthill, so it makes sense that bees are likely going to be one of the earliest things added to Grounded.

They can drop Bee Stingers, Bee Fuzz, and will produce pollen. There’s going to be an item called a Pollen Accumulator that resembles a flower that bees can pollinate which will allow you to collect it easier. The Bee Stinger will be involved in the Bee Armor as well as a new weapon called the Stinger Spear. This is the tier 2 spear that can be used for stabbing at bugs from a distance. It will also apparently be involved in a massive tier 4 sword called the Dragonfly Slayer. You would combine one stinger with another item that isn’t in the game called Steel Gum. Bee Fuzz is mostly used in armor, but you will also be able to make a Stuffed Bee and a Bee Rug to liven things up around your base.

Koi Fish

We also might be getting our first real animal in the game which would be the Koi! These fish look pretty far along and swim quite well if you spawn them in the pond. Based on some other leaks, it looks like there will be quite a bit of attention paid to the water.

Koi will drop Koi Fish Scales and Bones that can be used in crafting. They will be mostly used for the higher tier Koi Armor, which will likely be the armor of choice when you’re swimming around in the water.

Other Water Bugs, Plants, & Creatures

The following bugs and animals haven’t been found as full-fledged models in the game yet. There’s a lot of items that point to the fact that they will exist at some point.

There’s an item in the game called Diving Bell Spider Silk, which means you aren’t going to only have to contend with big fish when you go down into the depths! There’s Tadpole Slime, that signifies we might get frogs at some point. There will be Water Striders, who will skate across the water. These will likely be your tier 1 type enemies that you need to create water based gear. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for leeches, because there’s a Leech Sac that can be obtained to use in a Harpoon Gun?!

You can also find item references to Water Fleas, Water Boatman, and the previously mentioned Fireflies. You can currently spawn in a Stuffed Firefly, but you can’t bring in a live one. As for plants, it looks like we’ll be seeing some Cattails, Lilypads, and Eelgrass. These will mostly contribute to you being able to produce weapons, tools, and items that will help you underwater!

That’s about all we have for now, we’ll be updating this post with additional information as soon as it is available!

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