The newest piece of Apex Legends lore is the story of Bangalore at the famed Gridiron battle, and some backstory on her and her brother, Jackson. Along with that, we got a brand-new Legendary-tier Bangalore skin reminiscent of her long-awaited outfit seen in the ‘A Hero Fall’ wallpaper from Season 2. The problem is that is you purchase it, you can’t actually use it, due to a glitch.

Like Valkyrie’s launch bundle skin, and Pathfinder’s thematic event skin, Bangalore’s skin comes with a unique character select animation. The issue though, is that the animation was not properly in the game, so when the skin is selected, and the game tries to load the animation, it kicks whoever was using the skin to the title screen and out of the match with an error message.

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This will not prevent player who purchased the skin from owning it. It will be there, however, it should be noted that the skin will not be playable until the glitch is fixed with either a hot fix, or a proper full patch.

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