There have been a lot of strange collaborations in the gaming world. It’s getting more and more common for certain types of DLC to be locked behind an external purchase. This is the case for the highly sought-after Anti Social Social Club content in Gran Turismo 7.

How to get the Anti Social Social Club car in Gran Turismo

To get the Anti-Social Social Club car, a GT500 Toyota Supra, you need to buy a collaboration item from the ASSC site. Every order ships with a voucher for the car that can be redeemed on your PlayStation account.

The only problem is that the popular collaboration is staying sold out, making it impossible to score the code or a piece of Gran Turismo 7 merch.

If you want to get the exclusive car, then you will need to keep checking back to the ASSC website and keep an eye on their social media channels for a restock. Chances are that the collaboration won’t stay around forever, so be sure to grab some merch when you can.

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