Like all chapters that rolled out before it, Gran Turismo 7 owns up to having its fair share of driving challenges. Some of these require a little more hands-on experience and can involve pulling off tricky maneuvers in order to complete. Take drifting, for example. Although it’s not an overly complex maneuver to execute, it isn’t exactly something that’s meant to be mastered in a matter of minutes.

Similar to previous Gran Turismo chapters, drifting involves approaching a corner at high speed, hitting the circle button to handbrake turn, and then maintaining the drift before regaining control by steering in the opposite direction.

Drifting in Gran Turismo

  • Approach a corner at a relatively high speed.
  • As you come to brake to take the corner, press the circle button to handbrake turn.
  • Steer in the direction of the corner you’re taking to maintain the drift.
  • After passing through the corner, steer in the opposite direction to come out of the drift.

Before stepping into the competitive world of Gran Turismo 7, be sure to stop by the game’s Drift Trials mode, which gives you access to a number of courses for you to hone your skills.

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