One of the essential resources in Tower of Fantasy is Gold Nucleus. If you have enough nuclei, you can obtain some of the most potent weapons in the game. Nearly every region in the world of Aida is rich with this precious resource so prepare for exploration and extraction. Here’s where to find every Gold Nucleus in Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find all Gold Nucleus on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Artificial Island map
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Reference the Gold Nucleus icons above to find all the Gold Nuclei locations on the Artificial Island. If you can’t find some of the nuclei at marked locations, try looking up, as some can be found on elevations or even floating in the air!

How many Gold Nuclei can be found on Artificial Island?

Currently, there are 26 Gold Nucleus locations on Artificial Island, but there are even more nuclei as some can be found close to each other. To collect every Gold Nucleus prepare for tough fights and a lot of exploration. As it happens, a lot of them are hidden or heavily guarded. But that’s what makes this quest so much fun! When you collect enough of them, use this resource to activate Special Order. Pull and hope to get the best SSR weapon nuclei can give you.

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