Godfall is the newly released looting-slasher RPG on the PlayStation 5 and on Epic Games Store. You play as the last Valorian Knights to prevent a massive apocalyptic disaster, as only you can save the 4 elemental-based realms – Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. As a Knight, you are equipped in armor sets called Valorplates, and what Valorplate that is equipped determines your weapon class.

Godfall How to play Co-op

To play co-op in Godfall, first, you must complete the tutorial mission; afterward, you’ll enter a circular room with a blue radiant pool in the center of the room. In this room, you can invite your friends by going to the social menu and click Invite a Friend.

You must complete the tutorial mission before you attempt to invite anybody, as if you do not, the option will be unavailable to you. This also means your friends have to have completed the tutorial mission also. As soon everyone has finished it, when inside the circular room, on PC press I, on PlayStation 5, press the Options button, this will open up the Inventory menu.

On this menu at the top, you’ll see many different tabs and click on the Social Tab. A screen will appear showing you who is in your party; currently, it’ll just be you, and underneath that will be the option to Invite a Friend. This will allow you to invite any friends on your friend’s list.

There is another way to invite friends, and that’s by interacting with the blue radiant pool, as this is actually a map. On the left-hand side of the screen, they’ll be an option to Invite a Friend. Doing it, either way will achieve the same thing!

No information has been released if cross-play will happen between the PlayStation 5 and the Windows PC version. Though if you purchase the special editions of Godfall, you get additional skins and day-one access to the expansion when it launches in 2021!

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