Godfall is a third-person Looter-Slasher, and it now available to play on PlayStation 5 and on the Epic Games Store. Godfall is a high-fantasy RPG in which the world is split up into unique realms, each with a different elemental property – Fire, Air, Earth, and Spirit. The world is filled with heroic knights and arcane magic, so get ready to embark on an adventure in an action RPG that utilizes high-impact third-person melee combat with a massive emphasis on close-quarters combat.

Godfall How long to Beat

Godfall will take about 10-12 long to beat it, though that number can easily be changed based on how much the player wants to explore or even grind between the missions of the game. If players want to explore the Tower of Trials often to level up and unlock more gear, this will increase the completion time to about 15-20 hours.

As this game is a looter-slasher, it has a massive emphasis on loot, as in these types of games, you want to be showered in loot; if you are not, something is terribly wrong. If you are casually playing through the main story, expect to breeze through the game easily over 10 hours. If you are playing on harder difficulties, this will take longer.

Yes, you do have the option to play co-op with friends, but alas, this makes it easier in one way though not another as the game uses a Borderlands-Esque mechanic where the game increases in difficulty the more players in your party. So, of course, this will alter the time it takes to finish.

As you explore, there aren’t a plethora of secrets, as these generally lead to loot-filled chests, which isn’t a bad thing loot is good! The only collectible to find are Codex scraps, which allow players to dive deeper into the world, inspired by Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie.

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