The much anticipated Gible Community has finally arrived, and players are getting ready to grind through the day to complete tasks and earn rewards. In our guide below, we have provided an outline of what you should expect as you progress through the event.


No matter where you are, the event lasts from 11am to 5pm local time. This means that people living on the East coast will begin the event several hours sooner than people living on the West coast. However, it also means the event ends sooner for them!


The following list outlines all the bonuses that apply during the event’s timeframe.

  • 3 x Catch XP
  • 3-hour Lure & Incense
  • Earth Power automatically applied to any Gabites evolved into Garchomp
  • Gible appears more often
  • One-time purchase Community Day Box (1280 PokéCoins) contains the following
    • 50 Ultra Balls
    • 5 Incense
    • 5 Lucky Eggs
    • 1 Elite Charged TM

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Earth Power

If you evolve a Gabite into a Garchomp during event hours, it will automatically receive the Charged attack Earth Power. Here are the basic stats for this powerful attack


XP Bonuses

There are several XP bonuses for normal tasks outside of the Just a Nibble Event Research. We have the full list below.

TaskNormalEventw/ Lucky Egg
Catch a Pokémon100 XP300 XP600 XP
with a Curveball20 XP60 XP120 XP
with a Nice Throw20 XP60 XP120 XP
with a Great Throw100 XP300 XP600 XP
with an Excellent Throw1000 XP3000 XP6000 XP
First Catch of the Day1500 XP4500 XP9000 XP
on the First Attempt50 XP150 XP300 XP

Just a Nibble Research Tasks

The following list outlines the research tasks and rewards for the event-exclusive Special Research titled Just a Nibble.

  • Research Page 1 of 4
    • Power up Pokémon 10 times: 15 x PokéBall
    • Catch 15 Gible: Gible Encounter
    • Make 5 Nice Throws: 20 x Gible Candy
    • Rewards: 2000 x Stardust, 1 x Gible Encounter, 1 x Incense
  • Research Page 2 of 4
    • Catch 15 Gible: 50 x Gible Candy
    • Transfer 10 Pokémon: Gabite Encounter
    • Evolve 3 Gible: 10 x Pinap Berry
    • Rewards: 1500 XP, 1 x Gible Encounter, 1 x Incense
  • Research Page 3 of 4
    • Make 3 Great Curveball Throws: 30 x Gible Candy
    • Evolve 1 Gabite: 1 x Lucky Egg
    • Transfer 10 Pokémon: 10 x Great Ball
    • Rewards: 2500 XP, 1 x Rocket Radar, 15 x Ultra Ball
  • Research Page 4 of 4
    • Claim: x2 Silver Pinap Berry
    • Claim: Gible
    • Claim: 3,500 XP
    • Rewards: 3000 Stardust, 1x Garchomp Encounter, 2 x Rare Candy

There is a new list of tasks and rewards for June! You can check them out here on our guide for All Pokémon Go Field Research Tasks, Rewards, & Encounters.

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