GeoGuessr is a geography game that is based on the discovery of specific locations on Google Maps. The accuracy of your guess in each round determines your total score. There are some useful ways to improve your scores, such as looking for languages, symbols, scenery, and more.

Basics of How to Play GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr will drop you in a random area, which may be a bit more specific if you are playing a themed game. Once there, use all of your available tools (which may be restricted, depending on the game mode) to scour the street-view landscape. Cross-reference what you are seeing with the map marker in the bottom corner.

Once you have your guess of where you are on the map in mind, find it on the small corner map. Drop the pin and submit the guess to move on to the next round. You’ll be told by the game how close your guess was to the actual location.

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Tips to Win GeoGuessr Rounds

  • Watch out for the language on signs, cars, and other surfaces. Use your knowledge of where certain languages are used. For example, if you see Portugese on signs, but the buildings don’t look European, you might be in Brazil.
  • Pay attention to the road. Are cars driving on the right or left? Do signs use miles or kilometers? You might also notice some distinct locations, highway signs, or road markers that will give away location.
  • Look out for scenery and foliage. Mountains in the backdrop, desert landscapes, palm trees, bodies of water, and more can reveal locations.
  • See how densely populated the area is. Big cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, and more will have very close-together buildings and tons of people. Rural locations will have more space and less people present.
  • Determine if the area seems more or less developed. This won’t always help you, but it can narrow down options in a pinch. While Haiti and Martinique are countries with many similarities, they are very different in terms of wealth and development.
  • Become more familiar with international symbols. Certain countries will use iconic symbols in their areas, such as the telltale Pegasus crossing signs that are only used in the UK and Peru.
  • Similarly, become familiar with historical markers, like forts and famous landmarks.

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