In Genshin Impact, you can choose from a larger roster of characters. Yelan is a five-star Hydro bow-user who can double as both a DPS and support unit. If you want to get the most out of Yelan, then you will need to do some farming.

Yelan ascension cost

Here are the items you need to ascend Yelan to level 90:

1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver

9x Varunada Lazurite

9x Varunada Lazurite Chunk

6x Varunada Lazurite

18x Recruit Insignia

30x Sergeant Insignia

36x Lieutenant Insignia

168x Starconch

46x Rune Fangs

How to get Starconch

Starconch can be found on the shores of Liyue’s beaches. They can easily be found around Yaoguang Shoaland on the beaches of <strong>Guyun Stone Forest. This is an item that is easy to collect as you can simply run down the shore picking them up while avoiding enemies.

How to get Insignia

Insignia have been in the game since its release and are dropped by the Fatui. Generally, they are mainly dropped by Skirmishes. Skirmishers can be found around the base of Dragonspine and in Liyue, especially around the Lisha area.

Where to find Rune Fangs

Rune Fangs are drops from the Rune Serpent, who can be found in The Chasm. To get to the Rune Serpent, you will need to unlock the underground portion of The Chasm. Once done, you can easily farm him for Rune Fangs.

Yelan talent cost

Here is what you need to completely level up Yelan’s talents.

18x Recruit Insignia

22x Sergeant Insignia

31x Lieutenant Insignia

6 x Teachings of Prosperity

21x Guide to Prosperity

38x Philosophies of Prosperity

6x Gilded Scale

3x Crown of Insight

Where to get Prosperity Scrolls and Crowns of Insight

You can get Prosperity Scrolls from the Taishan Mansion domain on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Crown of Insights are a bit harder to come across, as they are only given out from events or from the Sacred Sakura Tree. Crown of Insight is a rare item so choose who you use it on closely.

Where to get Gilded Scales

Gilded Scales are drops from the weekly boss Azhdaha, who is unlocked from Zhongli’s second story quest. Azhdaha is rather easy to farm, especially if you have a shield character and he is able to be run in co-op.

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