Tuned to the World’s Sounds is an event that starts after the happenings in Inazuma and runs from October 15, 2021 to October 25, 2021. Only players Adventure Rank 30 and above that have completed the prerequisite quest, Wishes (final part of Chapter II: Act III—Omnipresence Over Mortals), can participate in this event.

With 420 Primogems and Mora, Hero’s Wits, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Talent level-up materials up for grabs, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Here’s a walkthrough of how you can join and collect these amazing prizes!

How to Start

Start by heading over to the Events menu and selecting Tuned to the World’s Sounds. From there, click Go to Quest and follow the directions to the Liyue Harbor’s wharf. You’ll meet Chief Mate Juza from the Alcor, who’ll let you in on how they’ve just landed from Inazuma—and Kaedehara Kazuha’s been in a great mood since. He’ll direct you to find Kazuha, who’s located in the mountains north of Liyue Harbor.

Kazuha will tell you about an ancient Floral Zither he found in a cave, suspecting that it may be an old Adepti’s treasure. Help him repair the broken Floral Zither by collecting three Glaze Lillies, which you can find in the fields of Qingce Village. After, he’ll offer the Floral Zither to you as a present.

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How to Play Performances

After completing Kazuha’s quest, you’ll be prompted to play the event! The mechanics are similar to the prior rhythm game, Ballads of Breeze, from the Windblume Festival—only this time, players can enjoy a different lineup of music.

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Head to the Events menu and select Performances to choose what you want to play. A different character will accompany you to each Performance, which is also divided into three different stages: Normal, Hard, and Pro. You can only unlock the Hard stage by completing Normal, and Pro by completing Hard.

There are eight notes in a Performance—four on the left and right. These signify the buttons you need to press to play the game:

  • Mobile: Tap the circles
  • Playstation: D-Pad, ABXY Buttons

As the song plays, larger circles will begin to close in on circles with a black outline. Simply click the corresponding directional key (tap the existing circles for Mobile) when the two circles match up to gain a Perfect score.

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A new mechanic, called hold notes, requires you to click and hold until the second circle matches up with the first.


It may take a little practice, but obtaining the following number of points will merit rewards:

  • Normal: 1,400 points
  • Hard: 1,600 points
  • Pro: 2,800 points

Collect rewards by clicking on the Events menu and selecting Performance Rewards.

In total, there are seven different songs you can play. They’re located in different areas throughout Teyvat, but clicking the Perform button will redirect you to the right location. They will be released one by one throughout the event, so stay tuned to complete the entire lineup of rhythm games.

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