The Genshin Impact Trial of the Scorching Sands web event celebrates the upcoming release of Cyno, a five-star Electro polearm user who you can pull on the first banner in the Version 3.1 update. The web event runs from September 23, 2022, to September 28, 2022, and is open to all players. It only takes a few minutes to complete this event, so don’t miss out on a quick 40 Primogem supply.

Start by heading to the official web event page. Make sure you’re logged into your HoYoverse account, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Select the correct server and character as rewards are distributed via in-game mail.

How to complete the Trial of the Scorching Sands web event in Genshin Impact

Image by GameTips.PRO

This web event is super simple: you need to help Cyno pack his bag before heading to the desert. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a list of things you need to pack:

  • x3 Full waterskin
  • x2 Full pack of provisions

The two items are circled in the image above. Click the waterskin (left circle) three times and the pack of provisions (right circle) twice. You can click on Cyno’s Backpack on the right of the screen to remove items to empty out space. Additionally, once the bag is full, you’ll be given the option to expand inventory slots by doing the following:

  • Share the event.
  • View new version content.
  • Check and follow Genshin Impact on Twitter.

Once you have packed all of the required items, click on Head towards the desert on the right to accompany Cyno and complete the web event. You’ll be rewarded with x40 Primogem, x3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment, x20,000 Mora, and x2 Mystic Enhancement Ore. These will be sent to your in-game mail within five to ten minutes. If you don’t receive the rewards, double-check to make sure you played the web event using the correct account.

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