The Genshin Impact world quest Tatara Tales is a lengthy one, requiring seven days to fully complete the questline. The day two quest, Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation, and day four quest, Tatara Tales: Data Collection, oversee placing and then retrieving three beacons from various locations around the Mikage Furnace.

Since the Mikage Furnace is full of twists and turns, we’ve made a guide to simplify this process. Below are the three beacon locations.

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Beacon #1

From Xavier’s post, follow the wooden path forward and then climb the left ledge. On this platform are two Electrograna stations, along with a handful of Fatui enemies. Stick close to the Electrograna during battle so as not to take additional damage.

After defeating the enemies, interact with the highlighted area to either place or retrieve the first beacon, depending on which quest you’re on.

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Beacon #2

Go across the bridge directly behind the first beacon. Grab the next Electrogram there and keep climbing in an upwards spiral. Ignore the houses and buildings in this area unless there is an Electrogram right beside them.

The second beacon location is at a high altitude, near the very top of the cliffs.

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Beacon #3

Once the second beacon has been placed/retrieved, refresh your Electrogram timer and then head in the direction of the third beacon on your map (as marked below).

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Jump off this cliff and glide towards the third beacon, which is on the ground level. Drop down to the Electrogram beneath you, but be cautious—there are even more Fatui patrolling this area.

When you approach the third beacon, more enemies will spawn, so be prepared.

After interacting with this third beacon location, you’ll be able to return to Xavier and end your current quest chapter.

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