Exploring Genshin Impact is one of the main features of the game. The world of Teyvat is that massive that walking to one end of the world to the other, without fast traveling, will take you an awfully long time! It’ll take longer, as the world is not a flat plane, you’ve got giant mountains, and rippling rivers to contend with on your journey as well. Sprinting makes traveling so much faster, but not by much until you increase your Stamina Gauge. Is there a specific way to run that uses up less Stamina and is quicker than full-blown Sprinting? On the other hand, who is the fastest character in the game?

One member of the Genshin Impact Reddit community called Yoshikazuuu has been toying with the sprinting mechanic and testing multiple methods on how to run fast. They’ve tested out 4 different ways and then used the same character, in this case, Venti, in a comparison video showing off which approach is the best sprint method.

The 4 methods are:

  • B-Hop – With this method, you use dash to begin sprinting, but then you jump continually. Just keep on jumping. It’s more akin to prancing than anything else, but it’s the fastest way!
  • Dash Jump – In this method, you dash twice. So begin sprinting- stop- begin sprinting again, then jump. Then rinse and repeat. This is the second-best method.
  • Dash – Very much like the method above but without the jumping. Cause the sprint dash to happen, then stop, cause the sprint to happen. Then rinse and repeat. This is the third slowest after holding down the Sprint button.
  • Sprint – The Sprint, this one is just holding down the sprint key and letting the mechanic do its thing. This way was the slowest out of the 4.

After the initial comparison, Yoshikazuu moves onto trying the B-Hop method in a race with 4 different characters: Venti, Kaeye, Lisa, and the male Traveler (the Main Character).

  1. Traveler
  2. Venti
  3. Kaeya
  4. Lisa

In terms of who comes first is surprising actually, as the Traveler doesn’t have any skill at all, but Kaeya, on the other hand decreases the sprinting Stamina consumption of your characters in the party by 20%. In actuality, he helps by being in the party, if you are exploring.

However, Yoshikazuu does go on to say in the comments that the test wasn’t exactly fair as the Traveler had an Anemo buff on him, which increases movement speed. Of course, he tries the test again and includes different parameters, defending the B-Hop controversy. In this race:

  • Traveler – No Buff – B-Hop
  • Mona – Unique Sprint
  • Kaeya – Dash 2 Step
  • Traveler – Anemo Buff – B-Hop

Who came first?

  1. Traveler – Anemo Buff – 11:55 Seconds
  2. Traveler – No Buff – 13:02 Seconds
  3. Kaeya – Dash 2 Step – 13:04 Seconds
  4. Mona – Unique Sprint – 13:34

With this second test ends the results, the B-Hop only increases the traveling distance by a fraction, and having to continuously spam space bar in time to do it, doesn’t seem like the best method. The laziest option is to hold down the sprint button, and nothing else has to be done, and it’s only slightly slower than anything else.

However, when doing the B-Hop, it genuinely looks like you’re the happiest person alive, and it’s got an air of flair to it. If this were an MMO, we would love to see entire servers do the B-Hop as the main way of traveling around! Watch the footage after the race, as it’s a sheer delight.

Mona Unique Sprint

We will say one thing, out of all the characters in Genshin Impact, no one can beat Mona on the water. Her Unique Sprint allows her to sprint on top of the water, so no massive time-kill and stamina drain is wasted by swimming, which is albeit very slow. BUT if you stop Mona’s sprint animation while skimming on top of the water, she will then proceed to swim.

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