Genshin Impact’s Reminiscent Regimen Co-op event runs from Aug. 4, 2022, to Aug. 15, 2022, and is open to all players Adventurer Rank 32 and above who have completed The Golden Apple Vacation Returns Event Quest. During this event, you can complete six challenges that unlock during the first six days of the event. There are two Raid challenges, which involve completing various objectives with the help of a Waverider.

How to unlock the Reminiscent Regimen event in Genshin Impact

After completing the prerequisites, you’ll automatically get an event quest called Any Unsolved Mysteries? Follow the quest marker to the centermost island in the Golden Apple Archipelago, where a challenge mechanism will appear. Interact with it to play through any of the Reminiscent Regimen event challenges.

How to complete Convoy challenges in Genshin Impact

Head to the Reminiscent Regimen Waypoint at the center of the Golden Apple Archipelago and interact with the challenge mechanism. Choose any of the Convoy challenges and click Match, which will randomly pair you up with a Co-op team. If you want to play with friends, start a Co-op in your World before clicking Match. We highly recommend bringing a DPS character as Convoy challenges involve defeating enemies.

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Your goal is to protect a jellyfish-looking mechanism called a Driftstone by defeating enemies and getting rid of obstacles that block its path. The Driftstone will remain stationary on a moving platform and operates like a Slime Balloon—it will only move once the path is clear. The challenge objectives on the left side of the screen can help you determine what you need to do, but a quest marker will also be guiding you on the field. Drift Energy and Driftstone Raft Components are obtained by defeating enemies and obstacles.

In each area, you must defeat all the Hilichurls and attack the red gates to destroy them. Collect as many Reminiscence Tokens as well to boost your overall score. Once you complete all objectives in an area, step on the moving platform to get to the next area and repeat the same pattern. If you get lost in the event, click on the Return to Challenge Area button under the challenge objectives to spawn to your teammates’ location.

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Head to the Reminiscent Regimen section of the event menu and click Challenge Details. Choose the challenge you’ve completed and claim rewards for reaching 200, 350, and 500 points. You can take a look at how the challenge score accumulates by clicking on the i button beside Score Details.

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