Genshin Impact developer miHoYo announced a new feature added to HoYoLAB: an Enhancement Progression Calculator that allows players to track the resource requirement for leveling up and Ascending characters, Talents, weapons, and Artifacts.

This feature, which can be accessed from the Genshin Impact Tools page on HoYoLAB, breaks down the resource requirement to progress between any level—not limited to spurts of 10. Players can search for the materials required to level up Talents from levels two to seven, characters from levels 22 to 83, and more.

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For instance, if a player is interested in knowing the cost of leveling up four-star Geo bow user Gorou from level 40 to 77, the Tool will conveniently list every material requirement down. Apart from materials, the Tool also identifies the exact costs of the upgrades in Mora. For Artifacts, the resource requirement is presented in the form of Artifact EXP.

Moreover, players can sync their in-game accounts with HoYoLAB to further personalize the tool to cater to their existing lineup of characters.

HoYoLAB is a platform filled with resources and community forums for all of miHoYo’s games. It can be accessed via browser or downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Users can log in using their miHoYo account, which will sync data across all relevant games.

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