Orobashi’s Legacy is a Genshin Impact world quest that requires completion of Ritou Escape Plan. There are five chapters in this quest series, excluding the prologue.

Speak with Kaji on Yashiori Island to trigger Orobashi’s Legacy. His location is marked on the map below:

The first part of this quest series will prompt you to observe “the strange stone lantern” and find a way to light it up again. Use your Elemental Sight and follow the swirling purple lights towards the ward, then complete the puzzle.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part I Device Puzzle

A barrier dome blocks access to the two items needed for the ward. There are four floating devices positioned around this dome: one Sacred Stone Mound (which fires an electrical current) and three Thunderbearer Mirrors (which receive these currents and redirect them). You’ll be able to adjust each device’s orientation and elevation.

Step One

Start with the Sacred Stone Mound—it’s on the highest platform and is shaped like a crescent moon. Adjust its orientation to face towards #2 (leave elevation alone).

Step Two

Adjust this device’s elevation to the lowest level, then the orientation to face #3 on the lower platform.

Step Three

Adjust #3’s orientation to face #4. Leave the elevation alone.

Step Four

Adjust #4’s orientation towards the barrier dome. Leave the elevation alone.

Step Five

After adjusting all devices to face towards the next one in sequence, return to the Sacred Stone Mound (#1) and attack it. The barrier dome will drop, allowing you to instantly collect the two items you need for the ward: Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Pearl and Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Warding Stone.

Submit these items to the warding device to end the rain and lightning effects in this area and move onto Orobashi’s Legacy: Part II. As a reward for completing Part I, Travelers will receive:

  • Adventure EXP (300)
  • Mora (30,000)
  • Primogems (40)
  • Hero’s Wit books (4)

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