For Travelers with an Adventure Rank of at least 10, a new limited-time Genshin Impact web event is available to play from July 13, 2021 to July 20, 2021. This event, titled “Mysterious Voyage,” sends Travelers on a nautical adventure through uncharted waters with Paimon. Your decisions will affect how you progress on your journey. Participants will receive Mora, primogems, and other in-game rewards.

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How to Participate in Mysterious Voyage

To access the “Mysterious Voyage” web page and read more event details, visit the following forum link at The game consists of making choices on how to travel, but there are no wrong answers.

What to do if you’re experiencing issues

Participants have reported bugs that restrict them from being able to play “Mysterious Voyage.” For mobile users, we recommend trying out the link on a laptop or PC instead—simply switching devices has fixed the issue for many Travelers.

If you are a PC user and having trouble accessing the web event (the content either won’t load or keeps stalling), try this: navigate to the Language setting (the globe icon) and clicking on your current language. You don’t need to change languages. This should be enough to reset the web page and allow you to progress.

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

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