The Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light, a rerun of the original Battlefront: Misty Dungeon event that debuted in Version 1.5, is finally here! It’s a chill, roguelike battle experience where you choose from a predetermined selection of characters and complete event missions. If you’ve been on the fence about raising a new character, this event is the perfect chance to try them out before making a commitment!

The event runs from Dec. 17, 2021 to Dec. 27, 2021. The first two Trials are open upon launch and the others will gradually unlock in the coming days. Players Adventure Rank 20 and above are eligible to participate.

Event Mechanics

Characters and Ley Line Disorder

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Each Trial allows you to form a team from a limited selection of characters. Even if you already have the characters in the selection, you’ll be given an event version with default stats—so everyone enjoys the same gameplay.

The characters are tailor-fitted to take advantage of each Trial’s Ley Line Disorder. For example, in the Thundershock Trial, you’ll find characters that can create Electro-Charged Reactions. Likewise, in the Freezing Trial, you’ll find characters that can create Freeze Reactions.

Think carefully about your team composition, as you need to trigger Reactions to obtain event rewards. Moreover, you can’t eat food in the dungeon, so consider bringing in someone who can help with survivability.

Optional Challenges

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Upon entering the dungeon, you’ll encounter optional challenges, which aren’t necessary to obtain the event rewards. But they can help your team when you’re in a pickle—so watch out for them!

  • Rejuvenation challenge—restores the entire party’s HP and revives all fallen characters.
  • Plunder challenge—enhances the effects of the Ley Line Disorder.

Enemies will spawn after activating these challenges, so don’t jump into a Plunder challenge when your party is on the brink of death.

Automated Weapons

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There are automated weapons scattered across the dungeon. When active, they’ll spawn an orb that deals ranged Elemental Damage. Turn them off by attacking them with a Skill that can trigger an Elemental Reaction.

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The main goal to clear the dungeon is to interact with all the Runes and complete the corresponding battles to unlock the final boss battle. After defeating all the enemies spawned by a Rune, look up to find the location of the next.

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A line will form in the sky, indicating the location of the next Rune. After all the Runes have been activated, the dungeon will direct you to the location of the final battle. And once that’s done, the Trial will end.

Prematurely leaving the dungeon will cause the Trial to fail, but the number of Elemental Reactions you trigger for the event task will still be recorded.

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