The Memory of Stone is a World Quest in the Varuna Gatha questline. It involves helping a scared little Aranara named Aranakula in the Yasna Monument.

How to unlock the Memory of Stone Sumeru World Quest in Genshin Impact

To unlock this World Quest, you must complete the Varuna Gatha World Quest, the first in the quest line. Once that’s done, you’ll unlock three new quests at the same time, and they can be done in any order:

  • Memory of Stone
  • Irate Iron Chunk
  • Slumbering Roots

This guide will walk you through how to complete Memory of Stone.

How to complete Memory of Stone in the Varuna Gatha Sumeru World Questline in Genshin Impact

Look for Aranakula nearby

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Follow the quest marker to the Yasna Monument, where you must find the Aranara named Aranakula, hiding behind a fallen tree trunk. After speaking to Aranakula, you need to accompany him toward various checkpoints in the area without being caught by enemy fungi.

Move forward without being noticed

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Refer to the quest marker on the mini-map to find your destination. When you get close enough to the enemy’s line of sight, their target range will appear as a red circle on the ground. All you need to do is avoid the red circles not to get caught. If you get caught, Aranakula will run away to a safe space, and you need to pick him up and try again.

Once Aranakula is satisfied, he’ll ask you to head to the giant stone atop a hill, which you can find by following the quest marker. Then interact with it to Clear the spores. After that, you need to find a branch similar to the one in Varuna Gatha.

Find the “branch” together with Aranakula

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Head to the southwest edge of the quest area (circled in the image above) to find a tiny cave with a Four-Leaf Sigil floating beside it. Enter the cave to find a clearing with the magical branch that Aranakula’s been looking for. After the dialogue with him, he’ll ask you to make the leaves turn toward the branch.

Make the “leaves” turn toward the “branch”

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You’ll find a Seelie before exiting the cave. Although optional, we highly recommend following it as it will guide you to the locations of all three leaf statues. When you find a leaf statue, you need to interact with it to rotate toward the direction of the branch. A green trace around incorrectly-rotated leaf statues indicates the direction it should face. So rotate the leaf toward the direction of the green trace—once it’s facing the right direction, the green trace will disappear, and you can move on to the next.

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If you missed or lost the Seelie, reference the blue arrows (not quest markers) in the image above for the locations of all three leaf statues. After you’ve rotated all of them, the game will prompt you to return to the cave where Aranakula is waiting. After some dialogue, you’ll be teleported to the rest stop in Apam Woods, ending the World Quest.

Once all three World Quests under Varuna Gatha are done, you must speak with the four Aranara in the rest spot in Apam Woods to initiate the next part of the questline: A Prayer for Rain on the Fecund Land.

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