While the Version 2.7 delay may have slowed down new content in Genshin Impact, HoYoverse’s development team has been continuously putting in the work behind the scenes. The recent beta kickoff brought in a new wave of leaks for Version 2.8 and beyond, including rumors about the character lineup for Version 3.0.

According to leaker @Ubatcha1 on Twitter, Version 3.0 will introduce three new characters: two five-stars and one four-star. The four-star-in-question is likely to be Collei, a character who was highly teased in earlier leaks. Based on the information about her, she could be a four-star Dendro bow user and could possibly not hold a Vision.

Little is known about the two five-star characters leaked to come in 3.0. But another leak by @Ubatcha1 hints that an upcoming Sumeru character may have elf-like ears—similar to Klee’s—which could point to more information about the existence of long-living races in Teyvat. Meanwhile, information by Chinese leaker Uncle DD, which was cross-posted by @LeaksNga on Twitter, indicates that one of the new five-stars for 3.0 could be Genshin Impact’s first male Dendro character.

Looking ahead to Version 3.1, early leaks suggest the possibility of Cryno and Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali around this time. New information reveals that the Dendro Archon may be a hikikomori—a Japanese term used to describe individuals who live in social isolation. In addition, while no concrete data has been mined for Cyno, he could possibly come in Version 3.1 as well.

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