Genshin Impact leakers recently found another possible playable character may first appear in Sumeru. With an unknown weapon and name, the mysterious character allegedly looks similar to Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su. He was a MANTIS and the seventh of 13 Flame-Chasers. In the Old World, he was also a scientist for an organization called Fire Moth.

Meanwhile, Genshin’s alleged Su-inspired character could share a similar penchant for academics as Honkai’s Su. According to information shared by @SpendYourPrimos on Twitter, crossposted on r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, the unnamed character is a scholar from Sumeru with a Dendro Vision.

The leak was further amplified by @bao_xiaosheng on Twitter, who described the character’s physical appearance. The tweet, in Chinese, was translated by u/astrrea and contains the following information:

  • Personality-wise, the character has a more serious temperament compared to Honkai Impact 3rd’s calm and collected Su. According to the tweet, the mystery character “doesn’t speak with a smile.”
  • His outfit features plenty of peacock motifs, reminiscent of Su’s Honkai form—a peacock.
  • His outfit’s color palette features plenty of gold embellishments, as well as black, teal, and green.
  • His hair color is a gradient of gray and white.

A key piece from the leak is the dichotomy between Su and the Su-inspired character’s alleged personalities. There have been other characters inspired by Honkai Impact 3rd’s cast, and each pair has notable non-parallels that set them apart. For instance, Honkai’s Raiden Mei loves to cook, while Genshin’s Raiden Ei absolutely can’t cook.

Twitter user @SpendYourPrimos clarified that the Su-inspired character may not necessarily appear in Version 3.0 despite early leaks that suggested there would be a five-star male character in the update. Some speculate that the Su-inspired character may be introduced early in the Sumeru story, but might not become playable until much later.

For now, no concrete information can be drawn from these leaks. But the upcoming Version 3.0 beta may start bring exciting news to light.

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