A Genshin Impact leak cross-posted on r/Genshin_Impact_Leak alleges that the game’s Version 3.6 update will introduce a familiar face into the cast of playable characters, Baizhu, prompt the Traveler to meet a possibly playable character from Fontaine, and introduce the much-teased Qiaoying Village. These will most likely set the stage for the Traveler’s eventual delve into the Court of Fontaine, which could be released around Version 4.0 if HoYoverse were to continue its usual update pattern.

Qiaoying Village is known for its high-quality tea, and the leak supposes that this is due to the good water quality from nearby Fontaine. These two locations have been teased to be within proximity to each other via official in-game content. While it’s been long-known that Qiaoying Village is located north of Liyue, the leak alleges that it lives on top of a valley, where water flows upstream. Players could possibly reach the area by boat. Additionally, the leaker stated that the Village houses a pier with a water route that could directly enter Fontaine’s borders.

The leaker also alleged that players could meet a playable male character from Fontaine within the same update, but it’s unclear whether he will be in the banner rotation or simply appear in the story. With that said, the much-awaited doctor from Liyue, Baizhu, was also rumored to release in Version 3.6. Players once believed that he would be the first Dendro character, but HoYoverse instead chose to focus on Sumeru alongside the Dendro Element’s release. If the leak were true, players could finally break the mystery surrounding the elusive doctor and his talking reptilian companion, Changsheng.

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