Genshin Impact isn’t a game that usually implies relationships between its playable characters outside of Zhongli and the long-dead Guizhong. When Eula was introduced, things started to change due to her relationship with Amber. The two seemed extremely close, and after the events of Shadows Amidst Snowstorms, it seems likely that the two are romantically involved.

Recounting The Event’s of Dragonspine

Eula is stubborn, but when asked to come to Dragonspine by Amber, she goes, despite the fact that she doesn’t yet know that she will be building snowmen. While things are pretty speculative during chapter one, in Shadows Amidst Snowstorm’s second chapter, things truly get interesting. Eula and Amber have a lot of critical moments that point towards them being close such as:

  • The girls go take an ice bath together, despite the fact that Amber doesn’t have as much protection against the cold.
  • Eula ensures Amber that she will find her if she incurs the rath on Bennett’s luck in the future.
  • Eula remembers Amber’s favorite food and reveals that they often eat together.
  • Eula grabs Amber during the rockslide and holds her to keep her safe.
  • Amber stated that she knows Eula best and that she is easily affected by Eula’s worried stares.

It is also very apparent throughout the whole quest that Eula and Amber pay more attention to each other than anyone else around them. The two of them are also shown walking off together at the end.

Amber Was Fond of Eula From the Begining

Image via MiHoYo

Amber was the first person to really get close to Eula, despite the fact that the people of Mondstadt as a whole looked down on her. The pair even have voice lines about each other where Amber worries about making others love Eula, while Eula states how helpful Amber has been to her.

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It’s also canon that Amber shops for Eula to protect her from the harsh criticism of other residents and has even stood in the town square loudly announcing Eula’s accomplishments. Amber also asks for tips on making a moon pie in her voice line, which is Eula’s specialty food.

In addition, the character trailer for Eula even has her asking Amber to dance the Tango, a classical dance that is tied to romance. There are no other characters in the game who even come close to being as intertwined in story and lore as Eula and Amber.

The Proof is in the Moon Pie

MiHoYo has done this type of character development before in Genshin Impact’s sister title Honkai Impact 3rd. Honkai has very blatant lesbian relationships and themes, with the manga even showing Bronya and Seele kissing. While this is a tricky area for the company to work in due to laws, this heavy implication of a relationship between two MiHoYo characters has been revealed to be canon in the past.

Just by looking at other canon friendships in the game, like that of Fischl and Bennett, you can tell that the narrative between the pair is set up much differently. Even with Amber’s good nature taken into account, the actions that she displays show a deep attachment to Eula and vice-versa.

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