The Energy Amplifier Fruition event will run from Dec. 24, 2021 to Jan. 3, 2022, and is a rerun of a previous event with a similar name and mechanics, but with a different lineup of enemies to keep players on their toes. Players Adventure Rank 20 and above are eligible to participate.

If you meet the prerequisite, you’ll automatically receive a quest called I, Researcher, which will prompt you to visit Hosseini in Liyue. He’ll tell you about continuing his research in Liyue before heading back to Sumeru, and will ask you to investigate Mutation Stones in Places of Interest.

In total, there are three Acts that open up on different days—but they all share the same gameplay mechanics, just in different locations.

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How to Play

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Each Act contains three Places of Interest, which you can easily access through the event menu. Your goal is to defeat all the enemies in each area. However, the enemies have been heavily buffed with Attack, Resistance, and resistance to interruption—making them extremely difficult to defeat.

Cancel these buffs by destroying the Mutation Stones in the area using a claymore or Geo Damage. There are one to three Mutation Stones—you must break them all to remove buffs from all enemies.

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Once all enemies are defeated in a Place of Interest, head over to the table in the middle of the area and interact with it to claim rewards. After investigating all three Places of Interest in Act I, the quest will prompt you to return to Hosseini, who will then reveal the location of the Deceitful Domain, which you can challenge to obtain even more rewards.

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