The Energy Amplifier Fruition event starts at Liyue, where a researcher from Sumeru named Hosseini asks you to investigate Places of Interest. After completing Act I of the event, players will unlock the Deceitful Domain, where you can help Hosseini gather data using the Energy Amplifier.

The Deceitful Domain is located to the west of Tianqiu Valley and is marked by a unique icon in the World Map. Clicking on the Domain icon will teleport you to its location.

Deceitful Domain Mechanics

Energy Amplifier

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Clicking the Energy Amplifier button in the event menu will open up the configuration window. Here, you can input up to one Fractured Fruit Core and ten Fractured Fruit Splinters. Each of these contains a buff that can help you complete the Domain. You can change your setup anytime outside of the Domain.

You can have a different Fractured Fruit setup for Solo and Co-op mode. Make sure to input them separately by switching the tabs on the upper left.

Fractured Fruits Cost

There are two, three, and four-star Fractured Fruits. Each cost Motive Force to deploy.

  • Fractured Fruit Core (four-star): 250 Motive Force
  • Fractured Fruit Splinter (three-star): 150 Motive Force
  • Fractured Fruit Splinter (two-star): 100 Motive Force
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Motive Force is obtained based on your characters’ cumulative levels, with a limit of 1,000 for Solo and 1,250 for Co-op. If you don’t have enough Motive Force to maximize your setup, simply click the plus sign beside the Motive Force Remaining indicator on the bottom left of the screen to access the Friendly Aid menu. You can select characters from friends to help increase your Motive Force.

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Domain Rewards and Difficulty Configuration

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There are three Domains in total: the Sea of Wandering Souls, Where Blooudhounds Gather, and Whirling Judgement. Only the first is open on launch day, while the other two will follow up in the coming days.

To earn Domain rewards, you must clear each of the Domains at least once to get a first-time reward of 60 Primogems. Additional rewards are obtainable by reaching high score milestones, which are accumulated across all three Domains. However, only your highest score in each Domain will be counted. The total high score you need to obtain all rewards is 12,000.

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Interact with the Domain and click Select Difficulty on the bottom right to enter the configuration menu. This allows you to select the difficulty level, time limit, and other restrictions that can make the Domain easier or tougher—whichever your preference. The more challenges you opt to take, the higher your score will be. Most importantly, make sure to select a standard difficulty level to increase your score multiplier.

  • Easy: x1 multiplier
  • Normal: x2 multiplier
  • Hard: x3 multiplier
  • Expert: x5 multiplier

The cumulative score will show up on the bottom right of the screen. This is the exact score you’ll receive upon completing the Domain.

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