Charity Event? Securing Funds? is a Genshin Impact Event Quest that takes place in the Of Ballads and Brews event, which celebrates the Weinlesefest, one of Monstadt’s most important holidays. The event runs from September 292022, to October 172022, while you can exchange Festive Fever rewards until October 242022.

As a prerequisite, you must complete the first Event Quest called Sounds From Afar. This will automatically unlock Charity Event? Securing Funds?, which involves helping the Knight of Favonius named Bernhard secure funds to open his stall.

How to complete the Charity Event? Securing Funds? quest in the Of Ballads and Brews event in Genshin Impact

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Speak to Bernhard in Springvale, who will ask you to negotiate with a merchant. Then follow the quest marker to the Angel’s Share stall nearby, which is manned by Georg. You need to order 50 crates of Fruits of the Festival using Mora from Bernhard.

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If you offer too low, Georg will refuse your offer, and his mood will drop. But if you offer too much, you’ll have little left for later. We recommend offering around 13,000 Mora, as Georg will always accept this amount and will still leave you with some leftovers for the Charity and Creativity Challenge.

Use the slider to adjust the amount you’re offering and click Confirm once you’re ready to hand the Mora over to Georg. Once that’s done, a small cutscene will play before you encounter Barbara. The Event Quest will complete after speaking with her, subsequently unlocking the Charity and Creativity Challenge, where you must help Bernhard secure funds and man his stall.

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