Genshin Impact announced on HoYoLAB that the Serenitea Pot’s placement menu will be undergoing maintenance as soon as Version 2.6 drops on March 30, 2022, right after the new update has rolled out to players. It’s unclear what time the maintenance will end, but all players Adventure Rank 5 and up will be compensated with x300 Primogems and x5,000 Realm Currency. Players who have not unlocked the Serenitea Pot will still obtain the Realm Currency reward.

While the game will still be playable during the maintenance period, players won’t be able to access the Realm placement menu. No other details have been provided on what exactly will be fixed during the update.

Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot feature allows players to decorate Realms, homeworlds inspired by Teyvat’s sceneries and architecture. This has brought forth an army of designers who regularly build beautiful Realms, from holiday-themed resorts to large-scale structures and Earth-inspired sceneries.

While the Serenitea Pot receives regular updates, and new Furnishings often make their way to players, the placement menu is still incredibly limited. As a result, players have found “bugs” that allow them to make objects clip, float, sink, and more, expanding the capabilities of their designs.

Some players are concerned that the maintenance will remove these features, limiting the functions of the Serenitea Pot’s placement menu. Genshin Impact has yet to make any confirmations, so stay tuned to their official channels for any post-maintenance announcements.

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