Genshin Impact introduced an upcoming rhythm game event for Version 2.7, The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival, which will be held to celebrate Kuki Shinobu’s law graduation. The rhythm game will introduce drums with a semicircle tap zone and customizable gameplay and a new feature for creating custom beatmaps.

It’s not the first time HoYoverse has introduced rhythm game mechanics into Genshin Impact, but it will be the first time they introduce customizable gameplay to make the event more enjoyable for players, regardless of the device they play on. Players will be able to adjust the following settings:

  • Beat sound volume—adjusts the sound of the tap beat.
  • Note falling speed—makes notes fall faster or slower, but doesn’t change the number of notes in an existing beatmap.
  • Lag calibration—adjusts the acceptable tap range, making the game feel more beginner-friendly and playable on laggy devices.

In addition, the note editor will be unlockable after completing event tasks. Players will be able to create custom beatmaps that others can try upon entering a Sharing Code.

Genshin Impact has been amping up their mini-games, from the tower defense Theatre Mechanicus to custom domain-making through Divine Ingenuity. Serenitea Pot gadgets have also allowed players to create races with leaderboards, expanding the functions of Co-op. The new rhythm game upgrades will add to Genshin’s roster of events that casual players can fully enjoy.

To add to the exciting rhythm game coming in Version 2.7, players can also look forward to a new Archon Quest, which will take them deeper into the depths of The Chasm. Unveil Liyue’s hidden 500-year past and how it ties into the Yakshas—especially Xiao.

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